Crazy Laws

What we are really excited about at GetLegal is the opportunity to fundamentally change how consumers utilize legal knowledge in their own lives. We feel that a person’s interest in, and understanding of, their individual legal profile should be part of their everyday lifestyle. And for all of us, the law should be readily available, readily accessible, and easily understood. Let’s face it. Just by participating in this thing called life, all of us have legal issues affecting our families. We deal with divorces, we adopt babies, we buy homes, we start businesses. understands today’s reality. With all the information online, today’s generation seeks a full understanding of how the law affects their situation.

DISCLAIMER: Our Crazy Laws videos are presented for entertainment purposes only. All laws discussed are believed to be actual laws that are or were on the books in the stated jurisdiction. However, GetLegal has not reviewed the current status of any Crazy Laws to determine whether they have been amended or repealed. GetLegal also makes no representation as to the accuracy of the description of any law, or with regard to whether the laws are, or ever have been, enforced.